Vacant Lot Sales

How it works

Many of the parcels the Land Bank owns are vacant lots. There are two ways to purchase:

Are you a Clinton County property owner living next to a vacant lot?

If a vacant lot shares a common edge with your property you may be able to buy the lot. Make sure your interest is known by applying using the form “Request a Property” on the Forms page. The Land Bank will let you know if it is available for sale. You will also combine the new side lot with your existing property. Two next-door neighbors may want the same side lot. In this case, we will divide the new piece of land to meet the request. All side lot transfers need to follow local land use and planning regulations.

Not a neighbor, but still interested?

If you are thinking about purchasing a vacant lot to build a structure (a home or commercial building), please contact the Land Bank at to discuss your options before filling out any application.


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