DJFS Repaving Project

The Project includes the following Work: The repaving of the parking lot for the job and family services
building, other work to include pavement removal, restriping, and downspout connections.

Bid Packet will be available on April 24, 2024



In 2017, with the help of $1 million awarded from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s Neighborhood Initiative Program, the Clinton County Land Bank began an intensive blight clean-up program in Clinton County. As of January 2018, the Land Bank has acquired nearly 40 properties and demolished 17 in nearly every part of the county. By the end of 2018, the land bank should have completed at least 38 demolitions of vacant, blighted properties.

To ensure appropriate environmental mitigation, each property that is acquired undergoes an asbestos survey and remediation if necessary, and a notice is given to the Ohio EPA for each demolition. Following the demolition, properties are graded, seeded, and in some cases landscaped, to ensure a quality site is left following the demolition.

Properties demolished through the Neighborhood Initiative Program will be available for sale to the following, eligible end-users: adjacent property owners (side-lot transfers), eligible non-profits, local government agencies, or private developers (must meet specific criteria). The land bank will ensure public notice and transparency in the the sale of any its properties. Any interested buyers must fill out the required paperwork to purchase a property, and all requests will be reviewed by the board of directors. The board reserves the right to deny any request to purchase a property.

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